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Artist Statement

The common thread of my art work is the subject of nature. Whether it be a simple brush painting of a dragonfly on a leaf or an oil painting of an aspen forest, first and foremost is a desire to connect with the natural world. The gallery pages on this website are organized by subject.

I began my interest in painting with Japanese brush painting, or sumi-e. I studied this art form for a number of years, and taught it for many more. Sumi-e teaches one discipline in not only skill and technique, but also fosters a deep connection to subject. I enjoy using these traditional techniques and subjects not only in paintings on paper, but also in painting with acrylic on canvas or linen, and on pottery using clay slips. These images generally reflect nature close-up.

My newest series are the Sky Mesa paintings. These are painted with acrylic on either clay tiles or clay board. These have allowed me to further expand my desire to simplify the landscape to essential form and work with intense color. Nature in a more grandiose, large scale view.

All paintings and images on this site are for sale and can be purchased from the artist. All images are the property of Ruth Marcanti and may not be copied, recreated, or used for profit without the expressed written consent of Ruth Marcanti.

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